5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans: Latest Designs In 2022

To make your Balcony and Porch fresh with cool air in the summer season, here are the 5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans in 2022.

We enlisted the Best 5 Outdoor Ceiling Fans on the basis of Installation Process, Speed and Light step settings, Value for money, and durability also.

Top 5 Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2022

Here is the list of the best outdoor ceiling fans. You can choose any one of them. All of these ceiling fans are great for outdoor uses.

1) Minka-Aire F896-65-CL Xtreme H2O 65 Inch

It’s 8 blades design ceiling fan that can be perfect for outdoor spaces up to 160 sq ft. The total diameter of this fan is 65 inches from the end of its blade. It has 6 inches downrod but it takes approximately 13.5″ space from your ceiling. It comes with a 123mm × 30mm DC motor operating on 6-speed modes. Fan blades have a 9-degree pitch to revolve air in the surrounding area.

Minka Aire comes with a remote control option. So you can control your fan speed and turn it ON or OFF from anywhere. Minka has some ease of installation as it comes with a 6″ rod in a box but if you want to increase or decrease its downrod size then you can do it from 3.5″ to 60″ for large halls. One of the best features of this fan is that you can control it through your voice and remote control. That means it’s a WiFi-enabled ceiling fan. 

The fan doesn’t come with a light kit in the box. You have to purchase the light kit K9886L-CL from stores. There is an option to mount a Light Kit with this fan.

It comes with 5 different color options and all are literally elegant in look. Coal, Brushed Nickel Wet, Flat White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Smoked Iron are the available color options. The blades of this fan are coated with wet resistance material so they can be used in any weather.

2) Honeywell Belmar 52-inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Honeywell is a reputed brand in the outdoor ceiling fans industry. Belmar ceiling fan for outdoors comes with 52 inches diameter. The fan comes with 3 mounting options so you can mount it with close mount, Downrod, or in angled mode. This Ceiling Fan comes with a 5 Blades option. It’s suitable for an outdoor area of size 144 sq ft to 324 sq ft.

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The old feature of the Pulling chain is included in this outdoor ceiling fan. You can install a light inside this fan but in the box, you will not get it. Downrod has a size of 13 inches so you can use them outdoors with extended rods from local markets. It’s easy to install as it takes just 40 to 60 minutes for installation. Flush mounting can also be done with this fan but make sure that you keep the ribbed side upside towards the ceiling. You can install this ceiling fan on your own also.

Honeywell Belmar has some drawbacks like it has an outdoor rating for a damp environment only. So in a wet environment, it may get damaged. Still all blades have a bronze finish. You cannot operate the fan blade in reversible mode as it’s an outdoor fan and it’s just used to circulate air.

3) Honeywell Palm Island 52 inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Another Outdoor as well as indoor ceiling fan from Honeywell in our listing. Almost all coverage range is like the previous fan and it can circulate air up to 18 × 18 ft area. It’s also Damp rated so cannot be used in direct rain contact or on the seashore.

Fans blades are of palm shape and that’s why it’s naked as a palm island. Trendy looking bronze finished 5 blades are of diameter 52 inches. In the box, you will not get any remote control but you can use a universal remote with this fan so automation will take some more cost. Honeywell has their remote controller compatible with all the fans.  Blades have a 13-degree pitch and that’s why it can circulate air in more area coverage. 

The motor of this fan works quite smoothly. It has 4-speed controls and the pull chain can do the task of Turn On and Turn Off. This fan has a downrod of 14.3″ size in the box so you can get much more margin than above Honeywell’s fan.

Most of the users have faced the problem of air circulation in winter mode. This is because of its shape. If you are getting trendy shapes then you have to compromise with some warm air circulation.

4) Obabala 52 inches Ceiling Fan

Obabalas Outdoor Ceiling fan is first in our list with Classic Wood Blades. So look wise it’s superb among all members in our listing. It has a moisture rating only so you have to take care of this fan from an adverse external environment. It can be installed on curved as well as normal plane ceilings. The company suggests the installation places such as Outdoor Patios, Farmhouses, Bedrooms and Living Rooms. 

It’s first in our list with an inbuilt light kit of 1500 Lumens. You can change its modes from warm white to Natural Light and Cool White. The fan comes with remote control and 6 different speed options. Best part of Obabala is that they provide post-selling services in a short period of contact time. It’s suitable for an area upto 324 sq ft size. In the box, we get 5 inches and 10 inches downrod. The motor can be operated in reversible mode also so it’s compatible with the summer as well as winter seasons.

Obabala provided this fan with colour and texture options like Walnut, Brushed Gray, Solid Wood White, Solid Wood Black, Black Solid Wood Golden, Dark Walnut, and Light Walnut. Maybe the variant’s price varies according to your texture options.

5) Sofucor 52 Inch Outdoor Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

Sofucor is not that much popular in the ceiling fan industry but this ceiling fan from there has some best features and trendy design so we included it in our listing. 

Sofucor is a 52 inch blade sized fan with 13.5 and 18.5 inches downrod options. You can purchase this unit with light in the box and without light also. 

Fan comes with 3 solid balsa blades and these blades are joined together in such a way that visitors can’t find that it’s made from separate woods. It seems like it’s made from single wood carved. Remote controller is also given within the box and you can get 6 speed control for it. Maybe you think that it will not be stable after connecting with bigger rods but it will be still stable due to its tight connection with downrod. 

Sofucor will provide 2 years free of cost all parts replacement so you don’t have to worry about any parts failure. You can change your downrods number while purchasing the fan according to your requirements. It comes with walnut texture, solid carving California wood texture, normal solid wood texture. It has ETL certification for its blades so you can use it outdoors also. But make sure that it should not face a wet environment directly as its blades are made up of wood.


All 5 Outdoor Feeling fans from this list are best in their facilities and features so there is no one at top and no one is at 5th position. All are at the same level.

While purchasing Outdoor feeling fans, first decide what is your aim and how much area you want to cover with it and then go for a search.

In most of the cases these 5 fans will work for you but if you don’t get anyone from above 5 then you can choose the perfect one for you according to this article.

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