5 Best Alternatives To Ceiling Fan – #3 Will Be The Best Choice

Ceiling fans are multifunctional, they will act like chandeliers, ceiling fans, combos, or anything we would like, and that they may be used both indoors and outdoors. They are available with lots of features like a reversible motor which helps in cooling during summers and in heating during winters.

However, ceiling fans will be very noisy sometimes and distractive. Moreover, if you’ve got an occasional ceiling then there’s a high chance of you hitting the ceiling fan. They easily collect dust so it needs regular cleaning.

But before you know the list of the best alternatives to ceiling fans, let me first explain to you in brief how you can pick the best ceiling fan alternative for your room.

How to pick the best ceiling fan alternative?

Choosing the perfect ceiling fan alternative is very important. So, here is a few key points which one must remember before buying any other alternative for a ceiling fan.

  • It is important to decide for which room do you need the alternative. If you need for large space then pedestal fans can be a good choice but if you need a small room, then table fans or tower fans can be a good choice.
  • It is important that the alternative makes no noise as they can cause distractions.
  • Decide your budget, because tables fan are affordable and tower fans are a bit expensive.

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So, here are some perfect alternatives to ceiling fans that you just can use in your rooms:

1. Pedestal Fans

alternatives To Ceiling Fan

Pedestal fans may desire an outdated one but if we select the proper pedestal fans then it can prove to be the most effective one can have.

Advantages of using Pedestal Fans

  • Controlling the speed of the airflow is incredibly easy.
  • It is possible to tilt the top of the pedestal fan which helps us to circulate the air within the specific place, or we will also choose to move the top of the fan from one side to a different.
  • If we’ve got an oversized space, then pedestal fans can easily circulate air within the entire room.
  • It is environment friendly and also the upkeep cost is additionally very less.

Disadvantages of using Pedestal Fans

  • If you’re looking to boost the aesthetics and standard of the space, then a pedestal fan might not the proper choice.
  • If dust gets collected on the blades of the fan, then the dust will be circulated over the complete room.
  • They tend to create lots of noise and may cause plenty of distraction.
  • They are also a less safe choice to use once we have kids or pets within the house. As the blades are large and are mostly exposed out, it can cause safety hazards.

2. Table Fans

ceiling fan alternatives

Table fan is a simple to use fan especially for offices and residential. We just must connect it to an influence point and that we are able to use it.

Advantages of using Table Fans

  • Table fans are very small in size and are portable. They may be carried anywhere and might be placed in any nook and corner of the space.
  • Table fans are very budget-friendly and an inexpensive option.
  • Table fans consume very little energy, only about 50 to 100 Watts, as compared to the cooling system which uses around 900 watts. This decreases the electricity bill and helps in saving plenty of cash.
  • There has been a relentless update within the features of the table fan. The modern-day table fans include device features that help us in regulating the speed of the fan and also in turning on and off the fan.
  • The blades of the table fan move much faster and provide faster and effective cooling.

Disadvantages of using Table Fans

  • Table fans are powerful fans and also the blades rotate at a high speed. The blades are caged inside the case, however; there’s space for a finger to travel inside that’s why keeping table fans at the reach of the kids can sway be dangerous.
  • It is not very easy to keep up a table fan because the cleaning process is hard. One has got to open up the cage to succeed in the blades then clean the blades with a cloth. The method is time taking and tedious.

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3. Tower Fans

The shape of the tower fan also provides a benefit aside from the vertical air stream, you’ll fit it into places where a ceiling fan wouldn’t fit, like that nook right next to your favorite reading spot sofa. Most tower fans are portable and remote-controlled.

Advantages of using Tower Fans

  • Tower fans that have remotes with them can easily and very simply be controlled from anywhere in your home or from outside. Even the more cost-effective models usually include a variety of features in order that you’ll get the foremost out of your new fan.
  • There isn’t any safety concern with tower fans, because the fan blades are all safely encased inside the unit. This suggests that children won’t be able to accidentally put their fingers into the fan and hurt them on the blades.
  • Due to their shape, you’ll be able to easily fit tower fans into smaller or more cramped areas of your home. they give the impression of being great when placed in a very corner.

Disadvantages of using Tower Fans

  • Tower fans are unable to deliver air when the room is just too wide and huge for them. Therefore, you must surely never think about buying them for your halls and other bigger rooms.
  • Tower fans are advanced and have several features which make them quite expensive.
  • Most of the tower fans make no noise, but there are some tower fans that make plenty of noise, so it’s important to determine the tower fan before purchasing one.

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4. Portable Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become a well-liked alternative to ceiling fans as they supply a typical and splendid look to the house and also provide effective cooling.

Advantages of using Air Conditioner

  • Air conditioners can significantly improve indoor air quality and make a far cool atmosphere.
  • They don’t cost anything to put in since you’ll be able to easily complete the installation on your own.
  • They can easily be turned on and off so they don’t run longer than you would like them to.

Disadvantages of using Air Conditioner

  • People who have asthma or allergies won’t experience lots of relief when using the air conditioners.
  • They use lots of power which increases the electricity bills and also the upkeep cost is additionally high
  • . A sudden change in temperature has shown the symptoms of assorted respiratory diseases.
  • Spending an increased amount of your time in an air-conditioned room can make your skin lose its moisture, thereby becoming sensitive and dry. It can even cause irritation and dryness within the skin.

5. Bladeless Air Fan

Bladeless fans have no blades and they rely on rotating disks for generating airflow, they also produce less noise which is important in high-density areas like offices and dormitories.

Advantages of using Bladeless Air Fan

Bladeless fans are a great choice for those with allergies as they create a more comfortable environment by reducing the risk of inhalation.

It also helps people save on energy bills as it doesn’t consume as much energy as a bladed fan.

The main advantage of these bladeless fans is the elimination of dust and other allergens from circulating through your room.

They also do not produce any noise that would disrupt your home’s serene atmosphere or distract you from any activity that you might be involved in. Moreover, they do not take up too much space and they look pretty good too.

Disadvantages of Bladeless Air Fan

Bladeless air fans have a number of disadvantages that make them less desirable than other types of fans. The lack of a blade is a disadvantage because this prevents the fan from creating a cooling breeze.


So, these were the alternatives for ceiling fans which one can consider. Although there are also various other alternatives to a ceiling fan, here we described only the best choices for you. Some important points on choosing the perfect alternative for a ceiling fan have been given for better understanding.

I hope this article helps you to choose the best alternative to ceiling fans. If you find it helpful, make sure you share it on social media platforms.

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