7 Best Kids and Teen Room Ceiling Fan With Modern Design

Nowadays children are getting influenced by different cartoons and superheroes, so their choices also increasing day by day. They love colorful things in their room. Basically, kids Teen room ceiling fan comes with cool designs that match the modern look and also superhero culture among kids. They come in colorful designs to meet the various needs of the kids.

So after reading many reviews we have listed some beautiful best kids and teen room ceiling fans that you should look at before purchasing a ceiling fan for your children’s room. Each of the fans is described in brief along with their features.

7 Best Kids and Teen Room Ceiling Fan

We have listed some top-rated ceiling fans for kids’ rooms that one can consider before purchasing.

1. Tropical Fan Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

Tropical Fan Ceiling Fan is an easy-to-install ceiling fan that comes with energy-efficient light. It has LED light which reduces energy consumption and also the electric bills.

The main feature is that it has a quiet and reversible motor. The reversible motor allows you to change the air circulation in the room. It helps in cooling during the summers and heating during the winters. The dimension of this ceiling fan is 42*42*16.7 inches and it has a weight of 17.21 pounds.

It also comes with a remote control which provides us with the following features:-

  • On and off function for the fan.
  • On, off, and dimmer for light:- white light, warm light, and neutral light.
  • Speed controls like- low, medium, and high speed.

It comes in cartoon designs and has different colors of blades. It is best for a kid’s room, small office, or any other small room.

2. KWOKING Lighting Creative Butterfly Wing Ceiling Fan

It is a modern-day ceiling fan brought by Kwoking which is available in themes like butterflies and insects. The motor in the fan has ultra-powerful air movement and comes with adjustable fan speed which allows choosing the correct speed according to our needs. This fan comes in two basic colors – Blue and Pink.

It has five blades and all the blades are sound tests to ensure that none of the blades make any noise.  It has a remote control which allows us to control the fan speed and also the brightness of the LED light installed in the fan:- warm light, cool light, and neutral light.

It comes with one year warranty and any damage or defect in the product can be resolved by the service team.

3. Westinghouse Lighting 7223600 Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan

It is a brushed nickel-finished ceiling fan ideal for small rooms and is made up of engineered wood. The blades are reversible and multi-colored and are noise tested. This fan will create a very cute environment in your children’s room.

This ceiling fan by Westinghouse has a high-quality motor that delivers strong air circulation. The reverse function allows cooling during summers and heating during winters. The motors come with a lifetime warranty.

It has a 16 Watt LED light which has opal frosted glass and is dimmable, which provides energy-efficient illumination. The dimension of this ceiling fan is 30*30*15.92 inches. It is a very compact ceiling fan perfect for small rooms and a child’s bedroom up to 100 square feet.

4. Modern Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote

The ceiling fans are best suited for bedrooms, study rooms, kids’ rooms,  etc. It is easy to install and is also safe to use which comes with 12 month warranty. It has a very sturdy structure made up of iron and acrylic materials. This ceiling fan is modern, stylish, and can be used for decorating any room.

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It comes with remote control and bright light that supports three different colors – warm, cool, and neutral. We can adjust the brightness of the light at each temperature. Soft light is best for reading and doesn’t cause any strain on the eyes.

The led ceiling fan light has a memory function, which will retain the brightness of the last use when the lamp is turned on. This ceiling fan is very quiet that generates no noise to improve the quality of sleep.

5. Southerns Lighting 42″ Invisible Reversible Ceiling Fan

It is a modern-day 2-in-1 ceiling fan, that is a retractable ceiling fan as well as a LED chandelier. If you are looking for a cost-effective beautiful ceiling fan for your kid’s room then you should definitely go for this ceiling fan.

It includes three colors of lights- White Light, Neutral Light, and Warm Light which can be changed to create a different atmosphere by Remote Control.

It has high brightness, low power consumption, and a long service life, which adds to the ceiling fan. This fan comes with ABS blades that will pull out and go inside when turned on and off, respectively. The dimension of this fan is 42*42*16 inches and it has a weight of 27.1 pounds.

Some other features of this ceiling fan are it has:-

  • 6-Speed switch
  • It has a silent motor that generates no noise.
  • Comes with four crystal clear blades.

It is also an ideal choice for indoor areas like guest rooms, small offices, etc.

6. Hunter Fan Company 52298 Discovery Ceiling Fan

It is a Semi Flush Mount fan with brushed nickel. This ceiling fan is ideal for indoor spaces. It comes with a pull chain which allows quick and easy, on and off speed adjustment. This fan is designed with the theme of globe and galaxy, which makes it a perfect fan for your children’s room.

It has black reversible blades and has three positions mounting system for every household condition. It has a reversible motor which allows us to change the direction of the fan according to our needs, like downdraft mode during summers and updraft mode during winters.

This modern design ceiling fan is made up of five different materials – Aluminum, Resin, Glass, Plastic, and Metal.

7. Craftmade Kids Ceiling Fan Boys WB348TS Tiger Shark Warplane

It is a custom-made, white glass cased and LED light integrated ceiling fan. It is a flush-mounted ceiling fan that is controlled by a pull chain.

It has three plywood propeller blades. It comes with 30 years of warranty. It uses incandescent light which is cheaper and emits many colors of light which give it a cool appearance. This fan is made up of glass and metal. The dimension of this amazing ceiling fan is 48*48*17 inches and it has a weight of 17 pounds.

Final Words On Best Kids and Teen Room Ceiling Fan

Deciding on a fan for kids is really a difficult task because they have different choices and needs. But most children are fond of multi-color products, thus try to choose a colorful ceiling fan. Apart from the color you also have to look at the size of the fan, if you are purchasing a fan for the kids’ room then make sure it is not too large.

So, these were the 7 best Kids Teen Room Ceiling Fan that would give the room a standard and luxurious look. So one can definitely consider any of the above ceiling fans for their children’s room.

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